Book review – No Waste Meal Planner, Becky Thorn

I met Becky a couple of years back when I first tasted some butter tablet that she made for an event held at Fortnum & Mason. That butter tablet brought back memories of being a child when my mum used to make it. We got chatting and she very kindly sent me the recipe and a surprise box of some of my own to enjoy.

We’ve met again a couple of times since and often chat on Twitter.  I was fortunate enough to be allowed to receive a PDF copy of her book ‘The No-Waste Meal Planner‘.  I enjoyed looking through it so much, I treated myself to a hard copy in June, but have only just got round to writing a review of it (one can never have too many recipe books, right?)
Through the book, Becky guides you through her ‘meal chains’. From starting with a simple roast chicken, a few ingredients and several storecupboard staples. she will teach you how to turn the leftover chicken carcass into a stock to make a chicken risotto. Using the cold leftover risotto and adding mozzarella cheese and a sauce she helps you to create an Aracini with tomato sauce, before showing you how to use some of the leftover sauce and mozzarella to make yourself a pizza.
The book contains 20 ‘food chains’ creating a total of 83 dishes. Now that’s what I call getting the most from your food budget! She will also teach you what a storecupboard of essentials should contain to enable you to turn any dish into an exciting, tasty & nutritious meal.

Well done on a fantastic book, Becky! Looking forward to receiving your ‘School Dinners’ reprinted one (its in my Amazon shopping basket!) I can’t wait to see if my Junior School dinner memories are contained in there so that I can create them for my own children.

You can buy your own copy of Becky’s book from her website