Yule Log Birthday Bundt

My hubby celebrates his birthday on 3rd January, and although I know this is after Christmas, I’d bought a new Nordic Ware Yule Log baking tin half price in the Lakeland sale, so just had to try it out today to make his cake, didn’t I?

I used the basic bundt cake recipe from Rachel McGrath (aka Dolly Bakes), but added 1/2 tsp of orange oil in with the yoghurt & vanilla to give it an added element.
If you’re careful to take the time to properly butter and flour the tin, as you can see here:

Then your cake will turn out a dream with not a crumb left sticking to the sides, as you can clearly see.

For a simple decoration (he doesn’t ‘do’ fussy cakes), I simply sprinkled it with a bit of icing sugar. I just wonder if it’ll last until his birthday on Friday or whether some (or indeed all) of it will have gone by then.