Rosewater meringues

Having recently been sent a bottle of Nielsen Massey Rosewater to try and loving the simplicity of a good meringue, I was keen to develop my basic meringue recipe to make this light and delicate dessert.
4 Egg whites (8tbs egg white)
225g (8oz) Caster sugar
5ml (1tsp) Cornflour
5ml (1tsp) White vinegar
5ml (1tsp) Nielsen Massey Rosewater
Pink gel paste food colouring (optional)

1. Preheat your oven to 130C.

2. Line two baking trays with baking parchment.

3. Making sure your mixing bowl is very clean and grease free (or your egg whites won’t whisk up), whisk the egg whites until they form soft peaks.

4. Gradually add the caster sugar, a spoon at a time, whilst continuing to whisk.  Your mixture will become thick and very glossy.

5. Mix the cornflour, vinegar and Rosewater together then fold into the meringue mix (add any paste colouring at this point too, if desired).

6. Spoon the meringue mixture into a piping bag (I use disposable ones, to save on the washing up!) Snip off the bottom of the bag horizontally to give you a 1cm cut.

7. Pipe even sized circles onto the parchment, approx 3cm in diameter.

8. Place in your preheated oven for 60 minutes, until dry.

9. Remove from the oven. If you gently remove one from the baking parchment and tap the base, you’ll know it’s cooked because it’ll give you a hollow sound.

10. Allow to cool completely on a cooling rack.

I’ve sandwiched mine together with some double cream which I’ve whipped up with some icing sugar and 5ml of the Nielsen Massey Rosewater to make a decadent, deliciously light and summery dessert.

You can see in my photos that I’ve created a ‘striped’ effect on my meringues.  This is incredibly simple, but effective to do. Using a disposable piping bag, pinch the bottom point between your thumb, fore and middle fingers.  Turn the bag inside out, over your hand and arm.  Keeping your hand inside and the point pinched to hold it still, use a clean cocktail stick to smear stripes of your chosen gel colour down the inside of your bag. Gently turn the bag back the correct way and fill with your meringue mixture.  The first couple of piped meringues will be more subtle in colour and the stripes less defined than subsequent ones.

I was sent a bottle of the Nielsen Massey Rosewater free of charge. I was under no obligation to develop or publish a recipe using the product.


Makes 20 large macaroons.
Prep Time 45 minutes.
Cook Time 17-19 minutes.


Italian Meringue
275g Caster sugar
100ml water
½ tbsp Green paste food colouring
95g Egg whites (approximately 3 egg whites)

275g Ground almonds
275g Icing sugar
95g Egg whites (approximately 3 egg whites)

1. Pre heat the oven to 145ºC. Cut out two sheets of parchment paper, the same size as the baking tray and set aside ready for piping.
2. For the Italian meringue: In a small saucepan, add the sugar and 100ml of water and mix until there are no lumps. Add the green food colouring and place the saucepan over medium to high heat and place the sugar thermometer inside. The required temperature is 114ºC.
3. In the mixing bowl of a stand mixer, add the 95g of egg whites with the whisk attachment. This will then be ready for the sugar syrup when the required temperature is reached.
4. Once the sugar syrup has reached 110ºC, start whisking the egg whites on a medium speed and once the temperature has reached 114ºC, (the whisking egg whites should be frothy at this stage) lift the thermometer out and slowly pour the syrup down the side of the bowl ensuring not to splash yourself! Turn onto full speed and after approximately five minutes, the Italian meringue will become glossy and whipped.
5. Meanwhile, whilst the meringue is whisking, make the paste. In a separate bowl, combine the ground almonds and icing sugar and add the other 95g of egg whites and mix with a wooden spoon until a paste has formed. The paste should be stiff.
6. Once the Italian meringue is ready (soft peaks will form) this is combined with the paste in three stages. If it is over mixed the mix will become too liquid and the macarons will become very flat once cooked. It is important to ensure a nice gentle mixing motion. The first addition of the meringue to the paste will be the most aggressive in order to ensure there are no lumps. The second amount of meringue must be folded in gently and the final addition of meringue must be extremely gentle.
7. The macaron mix is then ready to be piped. Using a spatula, fill the piping bag half way. Pipe some mix into each corner of the baking trays in order to stick the parchment paper onto the tray. Pipe in straight lines going from left to right leaving a 2cm gap in between each macaron.
8. These are now ready to be baked for 17-19 minutes at 145ºC.
9. Once cooked, take the trays out of the oven and leave to cool.

10. Sandwich together with chocolate ganache.