SmileyBum makes me a ring binder

There’s a local company to me called Smiley Bum that uses lasers to etch into wood, acrylics and stamps etc.  Amongst other products, they manufacture and produce a wonderful ‘living hinge’ ring binder, of which I’ve commissioned them to produce an A4 one to include my new logo which was designed for me by Kirsty Wiseman.

Never did I think that the intricate and delicate detail that Kirsty included in the cutlery on my logo would come out, let alone in such amazing detail as this.  The beauty of the laser over print is that you can touch all the texture of a design, rather than just feel it.

I really can’t wait to use this at the food events that I get invited too.  I’m incredibly proud of my new logo and to have it on something that I can see, touch and feel with me too is just a huge bonus!

Next on my wish list from SmileyBum is a chopping board – but I won’t allow anyone at home to use it on the etched side!!!!

Neither SmileyBum or Kirsty Wiseman have sponsored me to promote their products or services.  My logo design and the ring binder were purchased by me, at full cost.