Giant cupcake for Tegan

This is one of the three cakes that started my business off.  It was made for my daughter’s friend, Tegan, who was celebrating her 11th birthday in March.
The sponge is vanilla with chocolate flavoured fondant covering the base of the cake.  The top is piped with vanilla buttercream swirls in various shades from yellow (her favourite colour) through to a bright and vivid orange.
It’s trimmed with fondant flowers and leaves.  The bottom is piped with buttercream ‘grass’ and I’ve added a couple of friends to the board; namely a snail (on the left hand side peeping round at you) and just about to crawl onto the log at the front of the cake is a ladybird (with the bright googly eyes!)
Thankfully Tegan loved her cake and all who saw it were pretty impressed too.  Not bad for one of my first attempts at a giant cupcake.
Picture credit goes to my husband Will for making it look so incredibly bright and vibrant.