I am taking the plunge…


I’ve been asked recently to make birthday cakes for my neighbour’s two children, Sammah who has just turned 6 and Zain who has just turned 3 along with my daughter’s friend Tegan, who was 11 in March.  I’ve always been a baker and maker of cakes and to have the honour of producing cakes for such special occasions really touched me.

This was Tegan’s cake – a giant cupcake in tones of yellow (her favourite colour) and orange.  I have to thank my husband for taking this photo and making it look so beautiful (Thanks Will! x)

The cake I made for Sammah was this 8″ square one (on the finished version I added her name):

This pond themed cake was for Zain:

(Apologies for the photo quality; they were taken on my iPhone).  I will try to remember to replace them with ‘proper camera’ photographs.

This was made for a friend to say ‘Thank You’ for her kindness

Whilst this one was for my lovely friend Susan’s birthday:

Remember my Whitworth’s cake mix I was given?  Well this is what I made with it and decorated up with white fondant and some bright red and yellow flowers (photographs courtesy of hubby).

Inspired by these cakes and also by the fact that my neighbours seem to love my frequent baking gifts to them, I registered my kitchen with my local Environmental Health Department and am now waiting for my inspection to start a little business doing something I absolutely LOVE to do!

Business cards and postcards have been ordered tonight from Vistaprint.  Although not necessary, my Public Liability Insurance will be organised next week and my Level 2 Food Hygiene course has been booked for the beginning of May.

I already have orders for cakes, starting with a Hello Kitty cake for my great niece Shannon’s birthday next weekend, followed by 4 more for May and June and an enquiry for wedding cupcakes to accompany their wedding cake.

I’m hoping that this is the start of something good.  Wish me luck!


Whitworths Christmas Cake Baking Kit

Review of Whitworths Christmas Cake Baking Kit

I was given one of these by a friend at work today (yes, I know it’s 7th February), but they we’re being sold off in Morrisons from the normal price of £8.00 to the princely sum of 12p!!!! Yes, 12p, as the Best Before End date is February 2012 and she knows I love to cook. With only 180g of butter, 3 eggs and the rind & juice of one lemon to add, I quickly knocked it together after tea tonight. It’s now in the oven for 3 hours at 150C.

The rum soaked mixed fruit smelled amazing and appeared to be nice, moist & clean of stalks. Everything is very helpfully individually bagged & weighed and the preparation instructions were really clear.

Sadly I forgot to photograph as I went along & before I placed it into the oven.  It was really simple though; cream the butter and sugar.  Beat in the eggs.  Stir in the fruit, treacle, lemon rind & juice.  Fold in the flour & spices.  Pour into your prepared tin.

It’s due out about 10:30pm, so (fingers crossed) I will remember to get a picture of it to share with you then.

I will, of course let you know how it turns out.

It’ll be the weekend before I marzipan & ice it (obviously not now in a Christmas theme, but it’ll be suitably decorated, I’m sure).  Until then I will allow it to cool completely before wrapping it tightly in cling film to keep the air out and to keep it fresh.  It’ll then go in a cool place for a few days.

Footnote:  Mine was cooked in an 8″ tin and was baked after 2 hours 35 minutes.  You know when it’s cooked because it’ll start to shrink away from the sides slightly and a skewer or cocktail stick inserted into the centre of the came will come out clean.  It smells VERY good too.

Can’t wait to taste it….