Produce Review – OXO Soft Works Y Peeler

Being an avid cook, you can imagine I have a few bits of equipment that I love to use.  For many years I had the most amazing potato peeler which was comfortable to hold and use in my small hand, remained incredibly sharp and so a pleasure to use.  That was until my husband decided to throw it away with the peelings (although he still denies doing that to this day!) Since that fateful day, I’ve been through about 8 different ones in search of the holy grail of peelers, only to be disappointed with every purchase and resigning them to the bin as a waste of money.
A true dilemma of a cook in the kitchen, indeed!
Well, that was until I bought myself an OXO Soft Works Y Peeler a few weeks back.  OMG! What a tool!!!!! It’s comfortable to hold, speedy to use and incredibly sharp. So good in fact, that I actually don’t mind peeling the potatoes and other veg again now.  It’s the first time I’d tried a Y Peeler and I’m glad that I did.  I won’t be looking back and going to a ‘stick’ peeler again.
So here’s my top tip: go and buy yourself one. Like me, I’m sure, you won’t be disappointed.
I’m so impressed with the quality, that I’ll be buying their tin opener as that’s the next essential tool that drives me insane due to inefficiency! 
This post was not sponsored in any way by OXO. The Y Peeler was purchased personally.  I just wanted to share a positive product review with you.