Jersey Royals are in season

Jersey Royals are a delicious, nutty flavoured, little new potato, grown exclusively on the beautiful British island of Jersey, just off the west coast of France. They’re naturally fertilised with Vraic (seaweed) that is washed up on the shores from the tidal flows and have been grown on Jersey for over 130 years.  The majority of these tasty little morsels are still hand lifted from the ground by the island’s 20 major farmers. They’re high in vitamin C and fibre as well as containing less calories than both pasta and rice. They have less fat than cous cous and they’re gluten free too. Their slow releasing carbohydrates make them perfect for a low GI diet; keeping your fuller for longer thereby keeping hunger at bay.

In order for potatoes to be sold as Jersey Royals, they must be grown on the island and they have been awarded EU Protected Designation of Origin (PDO), thereby ensuring their provenance and integrity.  Jersey grows, harvests and exports between 30-40,000 tonnes per year, and at the peak season in May, can export up to 1,500 tonnes per day!  That’s a whole lot of potatoes!!!!

Jersey Royals with Asda

So, what can you do with Jersey Royals then?  Well, they’re absolutely perfect for boiling, steaming or roasting in their skins. Having cold with a salad, enrobed in creamy garlic infused mayonnaise, sprinkled gently with freshly chopped chives. Alternatively, why not make a delicious vegetable curry with them?

I’ve got two recipes to share with you, both featuring delicious Jersey Royals, and both of which are completely different to each other.  See my posts for a tasty Jersey Royal and Vegetable Curry or a delicious roast leg of lamb steaks with oven roasted Jersey Royals.

This and my recipe posts were sponsored by Asda & Jersey Royals for which I was provided with a gift voucher to purchase ingredients to make my meals.


Black Farmer Sage and Onion Pork Loin Joint


Having been sent a couple of Sage & Onion Pork Loin Joints from the Black Farmer to try before Christmas, we had one straight away and froze the other one to enjoy for another meal and also to judge what it’s like after it’s been frozen, thawed and cooked.  I took the last one out of the freezer last night before going to bed and put it in the fridge to defrost until we were ready to cook this evening’s dinner.

Black Farmer Pork Loin joint

The Pork Loin joint, weighing in at 500g,  is recommended to serve 2 (though it’s more than adequate for my husband, myself and my daughter to share). It’s cook in the bag and comes in its’ own foil tray, so there’s no mess in your oven to have to clean up after cooking. It has a delicious coating of sage and onion on the top and sides, so there’s also no need to worry about having to add your own flavourings to it.  Simply remove it from the fridge, pop it into a preheated oven at 200°C (180ºC for a fan oven) and let it cook for 55 minutes. Remove the joint from the oven and allow it to rest for a further 15 minutes whilst you finish cooking the rest of your dinner. When you’re ready to serve, cut open the bag – adding the juices contained within the tray to your gravy for a little added deliciousness.

Black Farmer Pork Loin joint

Then simply slice and serve.

Black Farmer Pork Loin joint

The perfect mid week dinner, ready prepared, hassle free, easy to cook & very tasty too!

I served ours with potatoes and veg with a home made onion gravy, enhanced with the pork loin juices.

Black Farmer Pork Loin joint

I was sent two of the Black Farmer Sage & Onion Pork Loin Joints free of charge to review. I was under no obligation to post a review on the samples.

Produce Review – OXO Soft Works Y Peeler

Being an avid cook, you can imagine I have a few bits of equipment that I love to use.  For many years I had the most amazing potato peeler which was comfortable to hold and use in my small hand, remained incredibly sharp and so a pleasure to use.  That was until my husband decided to throw it away with the peelings (although he still denies doing that to this day!) Since that fateful day, I’ve been through about 8 different ones in search of the holy grail of peelers, only to be disappointed with every purchase and resigning them to the bin as a waste of money.
A true dilemma of a cook in the kitchen, indeed!
Well, that was until I bought myself an OXO Soft Works Y Peeler a few weeks back.  OMG! What a tool!!!!! It’s comfortable to hold, speedy to use and incredibly sharp. So good in fact, that I actually don’t mind peeling the potatoes and other veg again now.  It’s the first time I’d tried a Y Peeler and I’m glad that I did.  I won’t be looking back and going to a ‘stick’ peeler again.
So here’s my top tip: go and buy yourself one. Like me, I’m sure, you won’t be disappointed.
I’m so impressed with the quality, that I’ll be buying their tin opener as that’s the next essential tool that drives me insane due to inefficiency! 
This post was not sponsored in any way by OXO. The Y Peeler was purchased personally.  I just wanted to share a positive product review with you.

Whittards Cold Brew Tea Bottle

Being a lover of fruit teas, I was very pleased to be sent a Cold Brew Tea Bottle (RRP £20) from Whittards along with two packets of their teas; the Very Berry Burst fruit infusion and the Mango and Bergamot a Flavoured Green Tea.

The tea bottle is a glass bottle, with a filter/strainer that fits inside and a rubber top with a stopper, looking much like a wine bottle.  By infusing the tea slowly, you get all of the mild, rich flavour with none of the bitterness. It’s incredibly easy to use too; you simply add 5-7 teaspoons (15g) of your tea leaves to the bottle, fill with cold water to the top mark, place the cap on, swirl the bottle to mix and then refrigerate for a few hours (or overnight).

I made my first bottle using the Very Berry tea and left it overnight to infuse.  The following morning the tea was a rich, fruity red with a clean taste, no bitterness and very refreshing.  To serve, you simply swirl bottle to mix, allow the leaves to settle for a short while and then pour.  The inbuilt filter stops the leaves coming out into your glass. I enjoyed mine at my desk at work throughout the day, but this would be a perfect drink to accompany a meal, a picnic or just a refreshing non alcoholic drink at the end of the day.

I’m now getting through a bottle of this tea a day and as it’s sugar free, it’s the perfect tasty, low calorie way to remain hydrated.

I was sent the Cold Brew Tea Bottle and teas free of charge from Whittards.  I was not under any obligation to write a review, positive or otherwise.